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Your interactive portal to everything you want and need to know about this brand new dark comedy, where live social media meets underground theatre. Enjoy clicking around! Stay up to date with Andy’s latest developments, connect with Andy and friends, and even be a part of the show.

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"...a wondrously free-flowing, inventive production that makes expert use of near-continuous multimedia; one that establishes its own rules in its very first moments and then sticks to them as it hurls, relentless and unstoppable as the Net itself, toward its conclusion—it is innovative and entirely sure of itself...the 2012 rendition of the American Dream—Arthur Miller's conscience peppered with Andy Warhol's sage prediction." Click here to read the full review

-Martin Denton, Nytheatre.com

Andy's Blog Updates

Wesley’s Podcast Interview with The Script Reporter!

Very on trend with our FriendAndy.com story, here’s an exciting podcast interview of Wesley, requested by Josh Stecker of The Script Reporter.  Listen in as Wes speaks personally about the writing and creation of FriendAndy.com, as well as future production … Continue reading

Show about social media = press via social media!

We knew we were doing something new in theatre with our stylized, technological style of FriendAndy.com, and promoting our show through the outlets today’s audiences are connected with.  So its pretty cool–and fascinating for our subject matter, really–when our buzz … Continue reading

This dark horse gettin more press!

In a festival of 197 shows, it’s hard to select which ones to go check out– you rule out the high profile ones that are sold out anyway, forgo the ones you hadn’t had a chance to learn about yet, … Continue reading

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